Serious about Suri

When we first to started to research alpacas we were unaware that there were two types of alpacas, Suri and Huacayas.

We saw our first Suri alpaca, a pregnant white female,at a farm in Cumbria, from whom we purchased our first four first 4 girls, all huacayas. Little did we know then that the Suri cria ”in utero“  was Pipetta, a gentle yearling who we later purchased at an auction. Pipetta,a white Suri girl, has given birth to many lovely Suri cria.                                                      

The first actual Suri we chose was “Rosa”, a large fawn matriarch of her herd, who came into the country in an importation in 2002.               

We were looking around a barn of nearly 300 alpacas and someone kept following me and nibbling my coat. I remembered saying “What is this?” , and was told she was a Suri.

I decided we must have her due to her dominant character and I loved her long flowing fleece. Rosa is today a strong willed matriarch of her herd. She knows that Mike is a male and can try to push him out their field with her knee! Rosa has had many lovely coloured cria and we are very close to her.

As with huacayas some suris are dominant and some are of a gentle nature.

As we had chosen one suri, “Rosa” we decided to chose some more suri girls of different colours and eventually our first homozygous Suri Stud male, Firefly. Firefly always passes on a suri gene and therefore always his cria are Suri.

We endeavered to improve our breeding programme and purchased dark fawn ,brown and black Suri studs. We have a half share in Accoyo Remus,a light fawn male with a dark fawn spot,who therefore produces a lot of coloiured progeny . Remus was Champion Fawn Male twice at the Futurity.           

We love to watch the Suris run across the paddock with their long fleeces shining in the sun. We are aiming to produce many dark Suris  with typical suri heads,ie a beard with ringlets

We are delighted that there are now outlets for suri fleece, Ackroyd and Dawson. And we plan to increace our Suri breeding herd.                                       

We realise that at the moment more breeding has gone into the lighter Suri and are hoping to improve our darker coloured Suri.

The character and personalities of Suris are as huacayas, some are dominant and some are passive.